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What is this Catalyst Retreat all about?!?!?!

Hey Julie Allyson- What’s this whole Catalyst Retreat all about?!?!?

O.M.G. SO happy you asked!!

Let’s go on a journey through January, February and March…..

The first quarter of the New Year.

First, if you live in a part of the world that experiences winter, well…you will definitely be in need of sunshine, ocean and warm weather.

Regardless of where you live, it will be time to either continue with your…I hate the concept but…New Years Resolutions…OR…maybe you stuck to them for a while but are back to old habits.

Either way, this experience is the PERFECT opportunity to RESET, RECONNECT and REVITALIZE!

In order to know HOW you will get to where you want to go, you first have to know where you are.

You will explore our Core Values- what is most important to you NOW, at this point in your life. These things can change and evolve, that is perfectly normal.

The important thing is to truly evaluate what fills you up; what speaks to your heart.

Once you identify these things, it’s time to evaluate your satisfaction in KEY areas of your life. This knowledge will help guide you towards the area(s) you want to tackle and take BOLD ACTION to enhance.

You will make crystal clear your GOALS in that area(s), commit to ACTIONS to make those goals a reality and learn how to solidify HABITS to ensure your success.

All of this while still having time for Sunrise Yoga, Meditation, shopping, dining and entertainment in amazing BOCA RATON, FLORIDA!

Oh, and also connecting with some FABULOUS like minded humans!

Last but definitely not least, you will learn how to manage your busy life with priceless tips and tricks of how to embrace Productivity with F.L.O.W (Freedom to Live Our Wellness).

As a COMPLIMENTARY BONUS, you will receive a copy of “The Big Leap” by Gay Hendrickson. Enjoy a dynamic book club type discussion to pick apart and learn more about his key lessons.

LISTEN, it is time to invest in YOU. YOU have one life to live- why not live it to it’s fullest!!!

NOW IS THE TIME. Join us! Only 10 spots available to ensure an EXCLUSIVE and PERSONALIZED experience!


All My Best Always,

Julie Allyson

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