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Tips From YOUR Life Coach: Thriving during Daylight Savings

Lets talk about Daylight Savings…..

So yes, for the next several months it will be DARK.VERY.EARLY….

That is the reality and there is really Nothing we can do to control it.

What we CAN do is control our REACTION to it!!

Over the next few weeks, I am going to share some tips and tricks for THRIVING during this season of early darkness!

First, let’s look at the positive!

The sun will come up earlier in the morning!

So take advantage of the early morning sunshine!

If you don’t normally wake up early- maybe its time to start!

If you do normally wake up early, seeing the sun earlier will be a gift!

Some of the things that help us THRIVE during this time of year are the SAME THINGS that generally make us happier and healthier overall- no surprise there :-)

Let’s dig into 3 today:


LOVE YOURSELF and give yourself GRACE.


You are amazing and deserve to love yourself - be your very own BEST FRIEND.

MOVE YOUR BODY EVERY DAY- whether its stretching, yoga, going to the gym, or bundling up to go for a walk in the sunshine, do it- everyday- you’ll thank me!

Not only can you 5 FIVE yourself for doing something amazing for your body, endorphins and other neurochemicals of well being are released which can actually increase your MOOD- enter RUNNERS HIGH.

EATING NUTRITIOUS FOODS - Listen, I know this advice gets old and that is because it is true and worth repeating over and over.

The MIND-GUT connection is a REAL THING!

More on this in a future BLOG- soooooo interesting! Ultimately what we eat impact our brain- we have so much control that we need to harness here!

Complex carbohydrates are also key to helping stabilize mood and blood sugar vs. less complex which can cause spikes and drop in blood sugar and overall mood.

When choosing fruits and veggies, look for the most vibrant- they hold the most vitamin and minerals.

I challenge you to GO FOR IT!

Give these things a try- see how you feel!

It’s guaranteed you won’t feel worse…

You are in control of your life and your happiness.

How you react is up to you!!

Stay tuned for the next BLOG where we cover:

  • Light Therapy

  • Evening Routines

  • Embracing the Dark

All my best always!

Julie Allyson

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