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Things TO DO in '22

The list of things we think we SHOULD do in 2022 is undoubtedly VERY LONG….

How many things did we NOT get to do or accomplish the past two years due to the pandemic??

It can certainly feel I have narrowed down a few items that can help to focus your thinking.

Don’t think of this as a TO DO LIST, but more of a HOW TO DO LIST….

1. Make yourself a priority.

It may sound or feel selfish. It may be a completely foreign concept for you.

Bottom line…When you take good care of YOU and put yourself first, you do ALL the THINGS better for others.

Think about how you can best care for yourself in order to have the ENERGY AND GRACE to SERVE OTHERS.

2. Choose JOY over HAPPINESS

Joy and Happiness and very commonly used interchangeably- they are in fact QUITE DIFFERENT.

Happiness depends on external circumstances and is attached to an emotional response to a specific OUTCOME.


JOY comes from within and persists regardless of the circumstances.


Matthew McConaughey notes that JOY is the feeling we have from doing what we are MEANT to do regardless of the outcome.

Think about it- you reach the goal of getting the job you hoped for, the salary you strived for, the house you dreamed of… and YES you are so HAPPY…for a while.

Then you revert back to your base level of happiness and look for the next thing to make you HAPPY.

Finding our JOY is intrinsic.

Think about it- what is your PASSION, your PURPOSE, the thing or things that LIGHT YOU UP???

3. Let the past go and live in the NOW. Regrets or challenges of the past, worry about the future or what may be will suck your ENERGY. That ENERGY should be used to enjoy your PRESENT.

The present moment is truly all we have.

Embrace it, enjoy it, make the BEST of it EVERY DAY.

Dream BIG about the future while working hard TODAY!

While considering the above as a WAY "TO DO THINGS" in 2022, one way to ensure you get where you want to go is to CREAT A VISION BOARD!

Creating the VISION BOARD is not the ultimate task- it is the work you do to establish what gets on your vision board that is the first step.

Understanding what is truly important to you at THIS TIME in your life is of the utmost importance.

Taking the time to evaluate exactly what it is you want to MANIFEST in the next 3 months, year, 3 years or more is the most EFFECTIVE way to ensure it happens!

Then putting a SOLID ACTION PLAN in place supported by MINDSET and HABITS comes next!

If you’ve never created a VISION BOARD, I challenge you to take the time to do that this month!

If you need help with the process or what to do once the VISION BOARD is done, use this link HERE to schedule a FREE 15 Minute Info Session to see how we can work together to ensure you make your VISION come to life!

All My Best Always,

Julie Allyson

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