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Negative Self Talk: Stop the MADNESS!

We have all heard it, that nasty voice in our head.

Telling us we are not good enough.

Will never succeed.

Not worthy.




Fill in the blank with your voice's favorite rant……

You know what I am talking about- and if you don’t, AMEN and Hallelujah to you most fortunate one!

If you do know, then read on!

I have that voice, she is a nasty B*tch.

If you do as well, it is officially time to tame that wild beast.

Here’s how…..

  • Give him or her a NAME. That way, you get to talk back! Let’s say you name your voice Kruella for instance, when she tells you you are not good enough to go for your goals, you say to her either in your head or my preferred method (as long as you are not in the middle of a store or other public place) in a very stern, authoritative voice, “Kruella, STFU. Just stop. Who do you think you are? I am the boss here and I KNOW that I am more than good enough to reach my goals. Enough of you!” Make this a habit anytime she rears her ugly head. Trust me, it works and feels kind of good too!

  • Imagine saying those things to a friend or loved one. Why in all the world would you talk to YOURSELF that way?? Think about it, would you EVER talk to your friends that way. I am thinking NOT. You should be your absolute very best friend. No matter where you go there you are so love yourself the way you love your soul mate, children, best friend. Don’t talk fresh to yourself- ever.

  • Say it out loud. If Kruella says, “You know, you really are a loser and are not going get anywhere.” “You will never succeed.” I challenge you to say it out loud and hear how horrible it sounds and also how UNTRUE it is!

  • Counter it with a positive. “Kruella, you are wrong. Plain and simple. I have reached many of my goals in life and will continue to do so. I am bad a**, committed, determined and successful!”.

Consider the following facts:

  • Our thoughts become things.

  • Our subconscious cannot decipher reality from imagination.

  • What we think directly impacts what we attract.

It is imperative to get Negative Self Talk under control.

Be your best friend, not your enemy.

Love yourself.







Tell Kruella to STFU.

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