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Harnessing Your Power: 5 Surefire Ways to Reprogram Your Thoughts

Take a good look at your life, your current situation.

How do you feel?

What are the conditions surrounding you?

Consider the status of the following areas of your life:

  • Health

  • Finances

  • Relationships

  • Career

  • Adventure

  • Spirituality

How your life is unfolding is a direct result of your past thoughts.

Your thoughts become reality and manifest as the conditions in your life.

So, take a moment and observe - what predominant thoughts do you have?

What energy and vibration are you connecting with most often?

All you have to do is look around to see what your thoughts have been.

If your current situation falls short of your dreams, TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for YOUR LIFE.

YOU have the POWER to change your thoughts.


Today, be aware of what you are routinely thinking. If it’s not aligned to your desires, intentionally take a deep breath, and RESET. Change those thoughts to those that ARE in line with your DREAMS.

It takes practice and persistence and I PROMISE you it’s SO WORTH IT!

5 Ways to Reprogram Your Thoughts So You Can Create the Life of Your DreamsCultivate mindfulness.

  1. Be aware of your current way of thinking. Take a step back and see that you are separate from your thoughts. Not all your thoughts are truths so, it’s important you learn to distinguish what thoughts are coming from your higher self, and which are coming from a place of fear, uncertainty, or negativity. Once you’re mindful of your thoughts, you can begin to change them.

  2. Identify and replace your limiting beliefs. Identify how you are getting in your own way by way of self-sabotage, procrastination, or giving into your fears of failure. Once you’ve squared in on what’s really holding you back, you can begin to change the programming you feed into and finally unlock your power.

  3. Manage your inner critic. Would you tell your best friend they suck for not reaching a goal they set out to complete? Probably not, you’d probably tell them that, “it’s ok, you gave it your best shot.” So, why do we feel comfortable talking to ourselves that way? Why do we beat ourselves up when we could be giving ourselves loving and encouraging words, like we do for others? Learn how to stop engaging in negative self-talk so you can build a more positive and loving relationship with yourself.

  4. Practice gratitude. Cultivate a daily practice of gratitude for what you already have, and you will plant the seeds to continue attracting abundance into your life. When you focus on what you’re lacking, you will continue to live a life of scarcity. Remember, like attracts like. Whatever you put out, is what you get back.

  5. Embrace positivity. This does not infer being in a state of constant happiness or ignoring life’s challenges but rather approaching our lives consistently in a positive way. We do this by finding the silver linings in the challenges we face, and by choosing to have a good day when we wake up in the morning. Embracing positivity includes surround yourself with people and things that add positivity to your life too.

As Wayne Dyer said, “Wherever you are, at whatever age, you’re only a thought away from changing your life.”

So, are you ready to TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for YOUR LIFE?


If so, we NEED to talk!

Click here to schedule a FREE 30 Minute Discovery Session to find out how you can do just that!

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