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Clearing Blocks: Conquer Your Limiting Beliefs

In order to ensure we are open to receiving all that we desire and a CRUCIAL step in Claiming our Inner Badasses, it is IMPERATIVE that we become aware of, change and release our Limiting Beliefs.

What is a Limiting Belief?

Negative perceptions that we have of ourselves that are rooted deep in our subconscious.

Past experiences, the way we were raised, things we were told, society and media all can contribute to limiting beliefs.

These beliefs act as BLOCKS to our success in life.

Awareness is KEY to crushing your limiting beliefs.

Eckart Tolle said it best: "

Awareness is the greatest agent for change."

You must change the narrative in your mind to manifest what you desire.

Your thoughts create your reality and these beliefs are thoughts.

So let’s dig in….

How do you conquer your limiting beliefs?

  1. Identify your Limiting Beliefs and WRITE THEM DOWN

  2. Identify the source of those beliefs

  3. Ask yourself, is this actually TRUE?

  4. Change the narrative- create NEW TRUTHS and WRITE THOSE DOWN

  5. Leverage these new truths as affirmations when/if the limiting belief rears it’s ugly head

How do they impact your life?

Evaluate how your Limiting Beliefs have held you back from reaching your full potential in the past or even now. Did your belief that you are too old hold you back from starting the business you’ve always wanted? Did your belief that you are not smart enough prevent you from applying for the job you desire? What things are you missing out on and saying no to because of your belief that you simply are not good enough, capable, worthy or experienced?

A common limiting belief is around money….that money is the root of evil.

Imagine the impact of that belief!

You desire wealth however believe it is evil. You are certainly going to block the wealth and abundance that can absolutely be yours.

YOU get to decide how to move forward from here.

Are you going to keep these lies you are telling yourself or embrace your NEW TRUTHS?

Claim Your Inner Badass, would ya?

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